Véronique Gobet, pianiste

Concert Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin


Three musical giants of the early 19th century, Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin, are presented here. The compositions include Beethoven’s “Waldstein” Sonata, three pieces by Franz Liszt.and Chopin’s “Death” Sonata.

The latest innovations of piano makers of his time had a profound effect on Beethoven’s creativity. His brilliant musical vocabulary explored new musical paths. The range of piano sounds expanded, and new acoustic effects were created.

While it is always technically challenging for a pianist to play Liszt’s compositions, it is usually easy for the audience to listen to them. The three selected pieces are a good example of this paradox.

Chopin explored the theme of death in many creative ways. In this piece he was especially inspired, fusing strength, passion, pain, and delicate restraint.


This recital includs the following works:

L. v. Beethoven - Sonate opus 53 “Waldstein”
I. Allegro con brio
II. Introduzione Adagio molto
III. Rondo Allegretto moderato – Prestissimo
F. Liszt
Troisième Etude de Concert: Un Sospiro
F. Liszt
Troisième Nocturne (Rêve d’Amour) Poco allegro, con affetto
F. Liszt
Les Années de Pèlerinage: Premier Cahier: La Suisse: La Vallée d’Obermann Lento assai – Più lento – Recitativo – Più mosso – Presto – Lento
F. Chopin - Sonate opus 35
I. Grave agitato – Doppio movimento
II. Scherzo Più Lento – Tempo I
III. Marche funèbre
IV. Finale Presto

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