Véronique Gobet, pianiste


CD Bach

Goldberg Variations

Discover a singing, sensitive and personal version of J.S Bach's masterpiece.

BWV 988, Aria, Variations 1-30, Aria

Bach gives full rein to his imagination and calls upon his vast experience as a composer.

Piano: Véronique Gobet

Recording: 2016

CD Chopin

The Etudes by Chopin

The famous 24 Etudes, opus 10 and 25, are the cornerstone of the modern piano. The technique, with a focus on flexibility, is just a way for Chopin to reach the most refined form of expression.

A masterful example of the sound palette of the great romantic composer.

Piano: Véronique Gobet. Recording: august 2003.

Total duration: 59 minutes.

  • Opus 10, Num 4
  • Opus 25, Num 12
CD Babar

The Story of Babar

Francis Poulenc sets to music the adventure of the little elephant. The French composer has managed to combine his art with the fresh flavor of the texts of Jean de Brunhoff. Narration and piano: a collaboration of rare quality between two leading artists.

An educational supplement, musical initiation for children, inspired by the work of Poulenc, complete the CD.

Piano: Véronique Gobet, narrator: Pierre Gobet.

Total duration: 41 minutes.

  • The Story of Babar, extract:
  • Edutainment Bonus, extract:

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